Catch Sunny's special intro video for TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa' comeback on Music Core

Annoyed but still cute and funny, SNSD's Sunny has surprised fans with her special appearance on Music Core!

The video was played right before TaeTiSeo's 'Dear Santa' comeback stage, and if you missed it you can catch it below.  Here's the video where she was watching TV and said, "Ah, I'm so annoyed, really! I'm just trying to relax but pretty kids who do well keep showing up! I can't even rest!" when TaeTiSeo appeared she then "What about SNSD? What will SNSD do now?!"~

Afterwards, Sunny also posted, "If I say it. I keep it. Really surprise attacked TaeTiSeo on MuCore, hehehehe."

That was cute and funny, Sunny never fails to amuse us! :D

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