TaeTiSeo releases Live acoustic version of 'Winter Story'

'Winter Story' is indeed another Christmas present from TaeTiSeo!

As we have seen in their teaser clips, it turns out to be another wonderful performance from TaeYeon, Tiffany, and SeoHyun but this time, it's an acoustic performance that we have been craving for so sit back, enjoy, and feel the spirit of Christmas brought by TaeTiSeo~

After its release, Tiffany also expressed, "WINTER STORY ACOUSTIC LIVE is now up online for YOU ♥ I'm happy bc I can sing. I'm even happier thanks to FANS who receive it as a gift. Thank you so, so much. THANKYOU. IMTRUELYGRATEFUL. THISHOLIDAYISFEELINGSPECIALALREADY. #winterstory #dearsanta #tts".

Tiffany's Instagram

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