Universal Music commemorates SNSD's million sales in Japan!

Girls' Generation has received their Christmas present from Universal Music Japan!

It's a trophy which commemorates the accumulated album sales since SNSD's Japanese debut.  Each member received their own trophy, and here are Tiffany and Sunny expressing their gratitude.

"Sunny: SM Japan, Universal Studio thank you, all!!!! 
This trophy is to commemorate 3 million records in Japan!!!!"

"Tiffany: girls' generation • tiffany • japan years 2010-2015 • to commemorate sales of more than #3MILLION physical units • universal music japan #BESTCHRISTMASEVER"

"Sooyoung: #BESTchristmasgiftEVERrr #universalmusic"

Congratulations Girls' Generation!

Tiffany, Sunny's Instagram

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