Wonder Girls, f(x), and TaeYeon ranked in Billboard's Best K-Pop albums and songs!

As we bid goodbye to 2015, it's also that time of the year when music sites round up the best of the best when it comes to albums and songs.

That being said, here are the Wonder Girls, f(x), and TaeYeon who ranked high in Billboard's Best K-Pop albums and songs.  Let's start off with their 'Best K-Pop albums' where f(x)'s '4  Walls' ranked 2nd and Wonder Girls' 'Reboot' placed first!

2. f(x)'s '4 Walls'

"Known for crafting some of the best full-length K-pop albums, f(x) did not disappoint with their long-awaited 4 Walls comeback. Despite losing a member, the group showed they hadn't missed a beat by embracing trendy dance sounds like deep house on the stunning title track, "Rude Love" and "Deja Vu." But while EDM might get a bad rap for lack of personality, f(x) put their spin on the genre with their chill-inducing harmonies and unexpected samples throughout. The album closer "When I'm Alone" (which was written by underrated pop heroine Carly Rae Jepsen) sees the group dive into moody synth-pop for their most gorgeous composition yet and indicates there's so much more to be seen in the group's bright future." - Billboard

1. Wonder Girls' 'Reboot'

"Much of K-pop is based around the idea of a "concept." Groups are created with a concept (you're a cute girl group, you're a hip-hop boy band) and the beloved Wonder Girls were no exception, debuting with a '50s/'60s retro sound. After the act went on hiatus in 2013, Wonder Girls reemerged this summer with a new lineup (original members Sun and Sohee left, departed vocalist Sunmi returned) and new concept ('80s pop-rock instead of brassy bops). Sonically, the results were super-impressive with lead single "I Feel You" arguably not even the best on the album. Reboot explores Madonna-esque dance pop (see "Baby Don't Play," "Candle") to dark-leaning synth-rock ("One Black Night," "Loved") and even gives a nod to the early days of hip-hop ("Back").

But most importantly, Reboot showcases the importance of a concept and what happens when an act believes in that concept. Wonder Girls wrote or played instruments (!) on nearly every track. It's that type of dedication to your concept, nay art, that makes for a body of work that rises above the rest. As previously mentioned, this year was filled with a spectacular amount of K-pop album releases, but the best comes when the act fully embraces what makes them unique." - Billboard

Other artists who made it to the list are TVXQ, Red Velvet, IU, and 2PM. You can check out the full list on Billboard.

Next up is the Best K-Pop Songs of 2015 where TaeYeon took the 2nd spot with her solo song titled 'I'.

"The year's best solo debut undoubtedly went to Taeyeon with the gorgeous "I." The type of song that doubles as an empowerment anthem and a comforting sonic blanket, "I" spotlights two sides of the Girls' Generation leader and centers it around incredible vocal performance. The song's lush composition recalls the accessible sounds of Taylor Swift, but even Swift would probably admit she couldn't pull off such a performance. - Billboard"

Other artists who made it to 'Best K-Pop Songs' list are Bigbang, 4Minute, EXO, Miss A, SHINee, and KARA. You can check out the full list on Billboard.


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