Yuri talked about SNSD's favorite food on 'How to Eat and Live Well'

SNSD Yuri's guesting on 'How to Eat and Live Well', which is hosted by Kim Sooro and Im Jiho, is set to air on the 20th of December.

They went to Yuri's hometown at Gyeonggi Province, and during one of their conversations, Yuri revealed the food that SNSD members are crazy about.  She shared, "When the SNSD members go to Japan, there's a food we always make time to eat", what is it?, she then revealed that is 'eel over rice' or what they call 'janguh-dupba' in Korea, and 'unadon' in Japan".

Yuri also talked about one episode where she and SeoHyun ate three servings of 'eel over rice' before their Japan concert. She revealed, "About 30 minutes after we ate the eel, our bodies began heating up, so we couldn't sit still," sharing how surprised they were by the effect of the eel they ate.

During their filming, Yuri also snap photos with Kim Sooro and Im Jiho.  If you missed it, you can see more of them here.


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