Check out the Handwritten New Year Messages from Girls' Generation

Welcoming the new year right and read the sweet messages from Girls' Genereation!

Check out their New Year greetings below~

"TaeYeon: It's 2016!!! Please take care of us this year too! 
We'll always watch over you ♡ Let's not be sick ♡"

"Sunny: S♡NE!! ♡♡ 2016 year of the Red Monkey.. Receive a lot~ of blessings!! Puhaha"

"Tiffany: Happy New Year SONE ♡"

"HyoYeon: 2016. It's already 9 years of being together with SONE!! Thank you and I love you, SONE!!! In 2016, let's create happy time together with Soshi!! Receive many blessings in the new year"

"Yuri: SONE :) * In 2016, I hope you fulfill all~ of the things you wish for..."

"SooYoung: To. S♡NE :) Hope your new year is filled with only good things ^^ 
2016 is Girls' Generation!"

"YoonA: S♡NE~!! I hope 2016 is full of even better things than 2015!!^^ 
Always be healthy. Receive many blessings in the new year~ ♡"

"To. Our SONE ♡ Our SONE that I love ♡ In the new year 2016, receive many, many blessings~ I hope you fulfill your wishes in the new year~ I hope it's always full of only happy things~ In the new year, Girls' Generation~ ♡"


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