Luna reminisces her 7 years with f(x) and shares her thoughts about their concert

Seven years? Yes, it has been that long since the girls of f(x) came together!

After more than seven years of hard work, the girls are finally having their first solo concert.  'Dimension 4: Docking Station' is gonna be a three day affair, and it will start tonight, January 29 until the 31st. 

Sharing her current thoughts, here's Luna who expressed, "It's been 7 years since I met f(x) ..Our first concert is opening after some time. The day our passion and hard work turn into one. Looking forward to it a lot and supporting the concert from your hearts. More than watching and listening with your eyes, let’s sing and dance together! Cheerfully, cheerfully, funnily, I love you♥."

Cr:Luna's Instagram

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