The official name of f(x)'s fanclub has been finally revealed!

Finally... Finally... Finally! After seven years, the official fanclub name of f(x)'s fans has been finally revealed!!  

Fans who attended their 'Dimension 4' concert where in for a surprise as the girls have finally announced their fanclub name.  We know you're already excited to hear it so here we go... From now on, the fans of f(x) will now be called as 'MeU'.

What is 'MeU'? Since f(x) is a mathematical symbol, they also chose another symbol for the name of their fans.  That would be the Math symbol named 'Mu' but they changed it a little bit.  Aside from that, f(x) also has a song titled 'Me+U'.

What are you thoughts about the name of f(x)'s fanclub?

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