SNSD SeoHyun and her unstoppable love for Sistar's 'Shake It'

Sistar's 'Shake It'? SNSD SeoHyun loves it and is still loving it!!

She was among the hosts of the 30th Golden Disk Awards last night and it was evident during Sistar's performance.  Usually, SeoHyun is the type who will read her script diligently during breaks but not this time because she can't help but dance to Sistar's song.

How adorable was it?  Check out the next clip to find out, and see where it all began as well~

If that wasn't enough, you can also watch SeoHyun's fancam dancing to Sistar's 'Shake It'. See how she was trying to keep calm but then she was like, 'Forget it, this is my favorite song. Let's daaaance!'


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