SNSD SeoHyun expresses her love for Ock Juhyun

Feeling happy after her special appearance at Ock Juhyun's concert here's SNSD's SeoHyun who expressed her love and gratitude for her rolemodel/unnie.

View her lovely photo  where she shared, "I was so happy because I could sing with Juhyun unnie at her solo concert yesterday~! ♡ I feel like I fulfilled my dream~~ Juhyun unnie, who is amazing, who I respect and is always reliable lighthouse~!! Little Juhyun loves you very much ♡ Hehe, fighting at today's concert too!! ^^ Because I knew you~ I have been changed for good.. ♡ #YouMushWatchJuhyunUnniesConcert"

Seohyun's Instagram

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