SNSD TaeYeon thanks fans after winning at the Golden Disc Awards

The Golden Disc Awards is done, and TaeYeon has won two awards along with SNSD's award.

Thanking everyone for the love and support, here are her adorable photos together with her golden trophy~

TaeYeon: 고맙습니다. 늘 그래왔지만 오늘따라 더더욱 소녀시대의 태연이라 행복하네요! 소녀시대축하해 그리고 태연이너도축하햌ㅋㅋ #GG #I #tysone #2016골든디스크

Trans: Thank you. It has always been the case but today, I'm even happier that I'm SNSD's Taeyeon! Congratulations SNSD and Congratulations Taeyeonnie, ㅋㅋ #GG #I #tysone #2016GoldenDisk


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