Happy 27th Birthday to Girls' Generation's SooYoung!

27th Birthday? "SooYoung was born February 10, 1990 so she should be 26, right?", That's the kind of question we always get whenever someone celebrates her birthday.

To answer that, yes, SooYoung is 26 years old if you use the International/Western Age System,  but because it's different in Korea and the Korean Age System, SooYoung is already a proud and successful 27 years old, and she even celebrated it by opening her Tumblr blog.

The confusion aside, it's time to greet SooYoung and celebrate her birthday through her following clips and irresistible batch of pictures~

Happy Birthday SooYoung! To us you are already up there, not just because of your height but everything you have done in your career, singing, dancing, acting... we mean everything!  We know you still have a lot of dreams to fulfill so just know that we will always be here to support you.  생일 축하해요! 사랑해요~♥

Once again, Happy Birthday SooYoung! Please continue to make our hearts sway for a long long time~

Thank you for reading up to here, with that, here's a bonus for you. Did you know that SNSD's SooYoung sang the opening theme song for the Korean dubbed version of the anime 'Inuyasha'? This was in 2005 so check it out~

Happy Birthday Choi SooYoung!

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