SNSD SeoHyun shared a group picture with her 'Mamma Mia' cast members

SNSD's SeoHyun is now busy with the rehearsals of her musical titled 'Mamma Mia'.

Of course they will have some breaks too, and here's a warm picture which they took during that time~

"SeoHyun: Today~~ Our fans who gifted a delicious boxed meal to the Mamma Mia family~~ Thank you very, very much~^^ We really ate it deliciously 😋 Thanks to you, we could do today's rehearsal with strength~!!😘 Now it's not too long until the performances~ㅎ Mamma Mia performance overflowing with energy!! We are hard at work preparing so please come watch and enjoy together~~ ♥ #MammaMia"

Seohyun's Instagram

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