SeoHyun thanks SooYoung for coming to watch 'Mamma Mia'

Girls' Generation continues to support each other, and here's another wonderful example of that.

SooYoung came out to watch SeoHyun's 'Mamma Mia' musical today, and here are the lovely pictures which they took at the backstage~

"SeoHyun: With our loyal, loyal~ Syoung unnie who came to cheer on Seophie in the musical #MammaMia ♥ Thank you so, so much, unnie~~ Thanks to you, I had a lot of strength~! Hehe. Thank you so, so much to your mother, too"

"SooYoung: I respect all actors and staff who create amazing performances like this In the middle of that, my dongsaeng is there. I'm so proud. Seohyunie surprises me with her constant growth, ooh jju jju #MammaMia #BeSureToWatchIt #MusicalActressSeoJuhyun #Fighting #ChoiJungwonSunbaenim #DoMusicalsForALongLongTime ♥"

Seohyun and SooYoung's Instagram

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