SNSD's HyoYeon talked about being a trendy beauty icon in her 'Beauty+' interview

Sharing what's inside her beautiful mind, here's HyoYeon who talked about how she became prettier, her plans, goals, and many more in her Beauty+ interview.

HyoYeon Smiles, My Little Sunshine

HyoYeon, who has risen as a trendy beauty icon. Her blonde and pink two-tone hair, translucent skin and glamorous figure, overflowing with volume, are all beautiful, but the brightest of them all is her lovely smile.

What shined the most for HyoYeon on stage is her talent as a dance singer. The powerful dances that she shows off is charming and sexy, even for other women to watch. But now there are a lot of people who praise HyoYeon’s looks more than her dance. These days, HyoYeon is officially recognized as a beauty icon. She has collaborated with global beauty brands to share eyebrow and eyelash-related beauty know-hows to the public and on March 26th, she is planning to give a lecture on the topic of ‘Tips for True Beauty’ for SM’s cultural lecture series, ‘THE MOMENT’. To discuss rising beauty HyoYeon’s ‘Method on How to be Pretty’.

What kind of stories will you tell at ‘THE MOMENT’?

I’m planning to discuss both types, outer beauty and inner beauty. I want to talk about the various attempts I took to become beautiful through a lot of trial and error after debuting. I also want to talk about the most important thing, which is your sense of self and confidence. Truthfully, before debuting, my confidence level shot through the sky and my sense of self was strong. I liked that I always smiled brightly and worked hard. But after my debut, I didn’t think I looked that pretty, through the screen. I lost my confidence. I didn’t like how I looked so I didn’t even watch TV for a while. But I couldn’t stay in that spot. So I diligently monitored myself and changed. Expressions when I laugh, tone of speaking and gesture, gaze, I was able to show my pretty sides through the screen.

What was the definitive moment that helped you find your confidence again?
I think it was when I started changing my eyebrow shape. I didn’t realize that such a small change would have such a huge impact on my image. I used to draw my eyebrows in an arch shape and I only changed it to a straight shape. People said my image looked softer and I often heard that I was ‘pretty’. When women hear that they are ‘pretty’, they are able to find their self-confidence.

What do you think is the reason that you’re being called a trendy beauty icon these days?
Isn’t it because I’ve become pretty? Haha. But I like hearing ‘you are appealing’ more than ‘pretty’. You want to look at an appealing woman more than once. I want to be a woman with my own colours, my own appeals.

What are appeals unique to HyoYeon?
Easy-going personality, optimistic mind and energy.

What did you do to become this pretty? After debut, I think you are the prettiest right now.
I think so too. I think I worked hard at self-transformation. I let go of stage makeup with a thick base makeup and false eyelashes and I changed to a natural look with thin base makeup that lets my skin tone show. I think my natural appearance is prettier than trying hard to become pretty and putting on makeup excessively. It was a new revelation for me. That ‘I need to love myself’.

To apply a thin layer of base makeup, you need to have good skin. I want to know HyoYeon’s skincare routine.
I think regular habits are important. I drink a lot of water and pay attention to cleansing. I wash my face until it feels clean to the touch. In order to avoid dehydration, I generously apply moisture cream. I always put something on my face before sleeping, whether it’s a pack or nutrition cream. I regularly read a lot of beauty blogs and I tend to buy and try products with a lot of word-of-mouth buzz right away.

Applying a pearly shade on aegyosal under your eye is called SNSD makeup. Other than this, are there any other SNSD makeup tips that you recommend?
Yes, it’s my favourite eye makeup. If you apply a pearly shade under your pupil, it looks like you have aegyosal so it looks cute. And eyelashes… If you do a C curl, like a Barbie doll’s eyelashes, your eyes look defined.

If you say ‘HyoYeon hairstyle’, I think of ‘blonde’.
A lot of people say that I suit blonde hair well. To a point where I was scared to transform back to a darker colour.

There was a good reaction to the two-tone hair too?
Yes. This was my idea. While doing 'HyoYeon’s One Million Likes', I cut my hair short, but there weren’t a lot of hairstyles that you could transform into with short hair. So I changed the colour. I’ve changed it to blue-green, purple, blue and pink but pink colour had the best reaction. I really like my pink colour today. Doesn’t it look like Barbie doll’s hair? After bleaching, it was dyed in two tones of gold and pink.

I’m curious about your hair maintenance routine after dyeing it.
Thankfully, my hair tends to be thin but strong. Home care for hair maintenance is more than enough. Twice a week, when I bathe my lower body, I apply a treatment and wear a vinyl cap. I heard that if you bathe a lot, it dries out your body, so I don’t do it often. Even on days when I don’t bathe, I do a 3 minute treatment. I do a treatment every time I shower. I also apply hair essence.

I want to know fashion styles that HyoYeon likes.
I tend to like menswear. Before, I liked cargo pants and hoodies. Within that, I also liked layering lovely T-shirts. I like mix and match. But styles that I like change constantly. Should I say that I’ve learned how to enjoy the variety in fashion? My favourites are denim and leather. I rarely wear heels.

Can you give a fashion recommendation for 'Beauty+' readers that will be a trend for 2016 S/S season?
Every season, denim is trendy. This summer, I want to recommend a variety of denim reforms. I think you will look stylish if you undo the bottom hem on jeans, or create holes bigger than what you see on destroyed jeans. It’s a new transformation for jeans that you don’t wear and store away.

To wear jeans in a pretty way, you should have a pretty figure. Of all of the diets you’ve tried so far, which diet has been the most effective?
Not eating late at night. I really don’t restrict any foods. I like fast food, too. So I can’t diet. You avoid being edgy, if you eat well. I don’t like being edgy. But I don’t think I should eat late at night. Instead, I am regularly very active. Not just dance practice, but I just move a lot normally. I walk often. I’ve spent half a day walking before. If I ride a bike, my tendency is to ride it until it’s dark. When I move my body, it’s stress relief.

What kind of exercises does outdoorsy HyoYeon enjoy?
For a pretty body, I regularly stretch and weight train. I’ve danced a lot so my thigh muscles are very developed. To reduce my thigh muscles, I did a lot of stretching. If you do exercises to stretch muscles, it reduces the mass. It’s incredibly difficult to reduce muscles. People say ‘Can’t you just stop moving‘ but you can only reduce it through exercise. These days, I do a variety of exercises that match the mood of that day. I do scuba diving, play tennis or golf, or go in-line skating. It’s diverse. In the winter, I go skiing. These days, I’m into camping. I go with my parents and when I have conversations with my parents at a campground, stories we couldn’t share at home come out.

Camping in the winter, isn’t it cold?
By season, winter camping is the most picturesque. You can listen to the sound of rain from inside the tent and eat freshly cooked meat, and it puts me in the best mood. If you go out even just to Pocheon in Gyeonggi province, there are so many stars in the sky, as if it’s pouring out. I watch that and cook and eat meat again.

Hahaha, it really sounds enjoyable. What is HyoYeon’s life goal?
To become the best in a field that I enjoy and that I can do well in. I suppose I could be singer HyoYeon, or actor HyoYeon. Or I could be a fashion designer or beauty specialist.

Other than a singer, is there a new field that you’d like to attempt?
For almost 10 years, I took the stage together with SNSD members but I feel like there are a lot of sides of me that I haven’t been able to show on stage. I want to show even more of my dance and vocal skills that I haven’t been able to show yet. I want to try acting too. And I’m also good at Chinese. I would also like to expand in China and become an influencer.

I want to hear your future activity plans.
I will work hard for SNSD’s Asia tour. I want to find a definitive place as a beauty icon. I also think I should pay more attention to self-maintenance. And I want to attempt even more things. If I become even prettier and experience even more things, I’ll create content that I can recommend to others.

Lastly, words of advice for the countless women who want to be pretty.
Have interest in your positive aspects. A lot of people are only interested in their shortcomings and spend a lot of time overcoming them. But I actually think it should be the opposite. It’s better to foster and improve on your positive features and hide your complexes. If you amplify your positive features, your negative features could become invisible. Before any of that, learn to love yourself.

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