More pictures from SNSD TaeYeon's Birthday Party

Today, March 9, is SNSD's TaeYeon's birthday!

But prior to this day, TaeYeon has already celebrated it in advance together with her loving fans.  Sharing the fun, here are the lovely pictures from their celebration~

"March 2016. Everyone who was with me for my 28th March. Thank you so much for always being beside me and I really get a lot of strength from you. Let's be happy amongst us, people who love each other. There's not enough time to share only good things and show only good thing. Let us meet for a long long time comfortably and preciously ♥ #309 #TaengParty #SONE #tysone"

After that, here are more of TaeYeon from her celebration last year.

"March 2015. Looking at this photo, I suddenly have various thoughts #309 #TaengParty #OneYearAlready I wore a skirt and did a 'V' then too"

Taeyeon's Instagram

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