SNSD's Tiffany talked about fashion and more in her 'GRAZIA' interview

She was there for Dior's event, and on top of that, Tiffany also had a pictorial for Grazia magazine.  Talking about fashion and a lot more, you can read Tiffany's interview below~


As soon as she stepped into the Arrivals Hall, there was impenetrable security, police protocol while transferring to the hotel, and the thousands of fans who waited at the event venue. [Grazia] exclusively joined Tiffany’s Bangkok Emporium Dior Boutique visit that took over Instagram with the hashtag #WelcomeTiffanytoThailand

[From beginning to end, she looked out for [Grazia] staff. Even getting into the car, she did not lose eye contact.]

[Event venue that was tangled with fans and press. That night, Tiffany responded with the words, ‘Tonight was magical’ and the hashtag #TiffanyHeartsThailand.]

[The secret behind this lovely cut is bare feet. Words she left while changing clothes. “Wasn’t I ugly when I was eating the apple before?”]

You came to Bangkok 2 weeks ago for the concert. How is it visiting again?

It feels different. It doesn’t seem like the Bangkok that I knew before. Isn’t it fascinating? I arrived at the hotel and went out onto the terrace. I exclaimed “Ah~”. I even like just looking outside.

Does it feel like you’re resting?

Yes. Work this time is a dream schedule. These days, I’m in the middle of preparing for my solo album so I’m focused on music work. It’s not my style to unveil that area so I haven’t been Instagramming and I’ve been quiet, but I can unveil all of this work. I can share in real time with fans so it’s a happy schedule.

When we met you at the airport yesterday, the first impression was ‘more adult-like than we’d thought’. But today, you became lovely again.

Haha. I’m 28 now. And I was dressed more like a girl yesterday?

Not your outfit, but we meant your way of speaking and acting is more adult-like so we were surprised. Today, you came here because you’ve been invited to the Dior store opening event, what are your feelings and impressions?

I have a lot of interest in fashion. And Dior is one of my top three favourite brands. I’m fond of the spring/summer collection full of pastel colours and pink, which I especially like. Before I came here, I studied up on the history of the Dior house. Not only the patterns, colours and designs of the collections, but I also examined the jewelry, beauty and the sensibilities of the creative directors who change according to season.

I think you suit Dior very well.

Fascinatingly, all of the muses of the Dior house are artists who give me inspiration. Sophie Marceau, Monica Bellucci, Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Mila Kunis – they’re all female figures I like. The side of them where when they’re strong, they’re strong and when they’re genial, they’re genial resembles Dior’s look.

We heard there was a story with the outfit you wore when you departed?

Originally, I was going to wear a hot pink knit, but I wanted the silver bag to stand out more so I changed. The striped outerwear that I wore that day is a product that isn’t in Korea so on the day I left, we dramatically had it flown in from an international store. I matched the outerwear with white jeans and the slip-ons I normally wear. I wanted to do a look that went with this season’s Dior collection, so I chose the texture of the fabric and the details on the bottom edge of the pants after deliberation.

The clothes you’re wearing now suit you well too.

It feels even more perfect because the outfit fits with Bangkok’s current weather. Normally you end up shooting wearing thin clothes when it’s cold and thick clothes when it’s hot.

For the evening event, we heard you’re planning to dress up your outfit with a jacket?

I’m nervous. Dior is known for jackets. It’s an item that’s difficult to pull off in a cool way, but thankfully I found a design that suits me perfectly. It feels like 28, and it’s not an obvious look like a dress and pumps; I wanted to add a mood that’s a bit more stylish and mature.

Are you in a time where you want to change your style?

These days, my hands go for classic items. As I get older, I think my tastes lean in that direction. When I wear that style, if I get reactions like ‘you’re like an adult, you’re like a woman’, I’m satisfied.

We can’t refrain from talking about Instagram; when we see Tiffany’s account, it feels very sparkly. What is the main keyword that you have in mind?

Pink. If you look at a person’s SNSD, you can know that person’s sensibilities. In my Instagrams, there are a lot of pink hues. Pastel toned, cotton candy-like photos.

You must like the colour pink?

Yes. So that’s why there are a lot of tones like that naturally. These days, I’m trying to use other colours. For instance, colours like purple…

We saw the video you uploaded yesterday. (Translator note: Interviewer is referring to this video.)

When I went into my room, there were presents sent from Dior with my name written on them. I wanted to share my mood at that time with fans. Dior fans can see me, and my fans can be introduced to Dior so it’s a happy thing for everyone. In reality, there are fans who say ‘I don’t know fashion that well but I like that I get to know it through Tiffany’.

You’re good at capturing photo angles. When you post, do you have any know-hows or habits?

My nickname is ‘SNSD’s In-House Photographer’. Of SNSD members’ SNS photos, 80% of them are ones I’ve taken for them? It’s fun to bring to life the dimension and presence of colours or of people. It’s about capturing the pretty features of members that a photographer we’ve met for the first time can’t know. Members say, “If you weren’t here, how would I do SNS”. I take a lot of photos and know-hows just get created.

We saw your tattoo photo too, when did you get it?

I have one on my side, and recently I got one on my finger.

We’re curious why you got it in those places and the meaning of the tattoos.

The tattoo on my side is ‘Toujours Belle’, and it means ‘forever beautiful’ in French. My Korean (Hangeul) name is ‘Mi’ meaning beautiful and ‘Young’ meaning forever. I was too fed up with Forever Beautiful in English so I got it done in French. It’s kind of like the name of a perfume… For location, I chose my side below the chest, where it can be covered with underwear, and while planning the tattoo, I realized that I’m more conservative than I thought. When thinking of marriage, I wanted it to be in a place where it can’t easily be seen, where only very close people can see.

The second tattoo reads ‘Dreamer’, right?

I got it on the inner part of my fourth (ring) finger on my right hand. When I gather my hand, it’s the side visible to me. Since outer part can be a problem if it’s visible when shooting editorials. But it really hurt. Don’t get more than 7 letters tattooed, for real.

Do you shop a lot?

Yes. I completely shop a lot. This year’s motto is ‘Work Hard, Shop Harder’. Haha.

Sometimes after you shop a lot, aren’t there times when you feel a sense of guilt?

That’s right. But trying on these heels and those clothes are all processes that make who I am now. I hope that people who are in this line of work don’t feel guilty. There’s a lot you can learn. If you buy and wear clothes, you naturally develop an eye for it. Since you understand it. At award shows or at special events, your attitude definitely changes.

While promoting as SNSD, you wear clothes that fit into a variety of concepts. At times like that, is there a method unique to Tiffany to make yourself stand out?

I show my neck and legs. Relative to my height, my legs are on the long side so if I stand beside a tall member, I need to show more of my legs to appear taller. These days, everyone knows my size so I have let that go (laughs).

You seem to be filled with a happy virus. You also seem like you have a lot of playfulness. You always tend to be fun-loving, right?

I try to be optimistic as much as possible. I go by ‘Things that aren’t meant to happen will not happen no matter how hard you try, and things that are meant to happen will happen’. From airport outfit, to the shoes I’ll wear today, it didn’t seem like it would work out but they ended up working out. I think the dramatic aspects of life are fun.

Then what’s most fun for you these days?


Do you have time to travel?

Today is travel too. Next week, I’m going to Hawaii for a photoshoot, and the week after, I’m going to Paris.

You are shooting a lot. Today, you’re also filming videos; each one has its own charms, right?

Photos are fun because you can create it, and videos are fun because it’s honest. A video unveils everything. What’s fake and what’s real. In a photo, I like that I can check everything, like from where the light is falling and how much green is in it. It’s interesting that the feeling changes depending on the staff that is with me. A new side of me that I didn’t know appears.

Now you have to leave in two hours.

It’s refreshing that I’ll meet fans in a department store and I’m looking forward to it. In Bangkok, I always met them in performance venues. Since I’m showing myself in clothes like this and not on the stage, fans can see me in a new light.

[While getting her makeup done, she found a Dior ad in the newspaper and took a photo for proof]

These days, my hands go for classic items. As I get older, I think my tastes lean in that direction. When I wear that style, if I get reactions like ‘you’re like an adult, you’re like a woman’, I’m satisfied.”


When departing from Incheon airport, Bangkok was already overexcited. The news that Tiffany will visit the Emporium Department Store Dior Store Re-Opening event became known and airport fashion look started appearing on timelines with the hashtag #WelcomeTiffanytoThailand. On the day of the event, thousands of fans waited from the morning behind the barricade that went past the photo zone after getting out of the car. Endlessly continuing cheering from the fans and flashes. Tiffany paused in the middle and waved her hand, she took a selfie and a video in front of the store logo and communicated with fans. On February 18, Emporium Dior boutique had its renewal opening, reflecting the elegance and modernity of house brand Dior. With two dramatic entrances, one side had ready-to-wear, accessories and watches, and the other side had an area for VIP so that they could shop comfortably. The Bangkok boutique, in the same league as the Seoul flagship store and Tokyo Omotesando boutique, has a dramatic exterior made of sparkling glass and chrome, showing off its luxuriousness and urban style. Another special point is that furniture designed by international artists is scattered throughout the store. Tiffany, who visited the store, looked at the spring/summer shoes and bags with Bangkok’s socialites in the VIP room and enjoyed the unique space.

1. She gathered both hands and after giving a Thai-style greeting, she captured everyone with her eye smile.
2. Making her way through an incredible number of fans and crowds
3. The gold version of the same bag that she carried at the airport.
4. She arrived at the airport wearing the outerwear that was airlifted in by the Chungdam boutique at 11 am on the morning of departure.
5. Dior VIP who came to the store. She greeted Bangkok’s It Girls with a smile and left a commemorative photo with a group selfie.

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