YoonA came to watch and support SeoHyun's 'Mamma Mia'

After SooYoung's visit a couple of weeks ago, YoonA is the next SNSD member to come and watch SeoHyun's musical titled 'Mamma Mia'.

It was a pleasant surprise for our sweet maknae, and here are her pictures where she expressed, "With Yoona unnie who came to watch #MammaMia today~ ♥ Thanks to unnie, the dressing room mood was lively~~ Hehe. Thank yooooou #ILoveYoong ♡ #SecondUnnieVisit Keke"~

While YoonA also shared, "I went to go see Seophie~ #DoingWellMaknaengie I teared up because there are so many well-known good songs#mammamia #dancingqueen."

YoonA and SeoHyun with one of the cast members

YoonA and Seohyun's Instagram

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