SNSD SooYoung express her support for her Sister's musical

After casting her vote, SNSD SooYoung's next schedule was to watch her Soojin's musical.

Expressing her support for her sister, here's their lovely photo where she shared, "Every time unnie sang a solo number on the musical stage. I sat in the audience and sniffled but today, I did not cry. Every single day, without fail, she practiced the same song in the room next to me so I may have become used to being moved. Thanks to unnie, I wasn't able to sleep in but the moving emotions that unnie gave today gave me unforgettable happiness and inspiration. It was a heart filling day, watching unnie who has become an actress who can fill the space with overflowing energy, even in a massive theatre. You really did well and you worked so hard ♥ Clap clap clap But you #kiss #toomuch #Newsies #Musical #ChoiSoojin #Katherine #DisneyMusical #PleaseComeWatch"~

"First performance of musical #Newsies in Asia! Our unnie, in the role of Katherine, is so, so good and pretty and I'm really really proud............. But Kyunwoo-yah, I can't help that I'm a woman because I watched the #Newsboys flashy stage well #Newsies #Musical #ChoiSoojin"

The whole family came to watch the show, and here's their group picture from the backstage.

Sooyoung's Instagram

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