SNSD Sunny and HyoYeon snap selfies inside the airplane

Aside from Sunny, HyoYeon is also on her way to Bali, Indonesia.

The press didn't catch it, so there are no airport pictures for HyoYeon but here are the adorable updates of the two from the airplane~

"HyoYeon: Hello ing om oom im eum __ bored Hyo"

"Sunny: #SunHyo #WhatHappensinBali #WeWillGoFilm 
#WhatAboutMe #InThisLife #WhatAboutInTheNextLife"

"HyoYeon: My buddy is hereee Now I'm relieved, oh yeah"

"Because you receive a lot of UV rays inside of the airplane!! Protection, protection!!!! #HeyPopCoolingCushionBB"

"Sunny: We'll go and return safely!!!!! #Bali"

Sunny and Hyoyeon's Instagram

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