Jessica Jung confirmed that she is dating Tyler Kwon

Time to end all the speculations about Jessica and Tyler Kwon's relationship.

Jessica didn't confirm or deny it before but now she has finally revealed that they are dating.  Through StarNews, Jessica confessed, "I actually didn’t admit nor deny. However, he's already become my official boyfriend. It's been over three years since we started dating. I've dated him the longest among the guys I have dated thus far."

She continued saying, "When I was promoting [as a member of] Girls’ Generation, I couldn't admit my relationship because my agency told me not to. [My boyfriend] is a smart and intelligent person. I think after being in the entertainment industry, someone in a different field as opposed to the same field looked cooler. We can respect one another.”

As for their marriage plans, Jessica answered, "I think we’ll marry when it’s the right time later. These days a lot of my friends are getting married and seeing them makes me want to get married. I have a friend who has a baby. While buying a gift for my friend, rumors of me being pregnant started."

As for her relationship with other SNSD members, Jessica also revealed. "There are some members that I keep in touch with and some that I don't. While I can no longer be active with them, I hope that Girls’ Generation does well for a long, long time."  As for releasing a solo album at the same time with Tiffany, she expressed, "Rather than a rival, since [Tiffany] came out with a different style of music, I would like if people had fun listening and watching. I am supporting Tiffany's activities."

Meanwhile, Jessica has already released her mini album 'With Love, J', and her music video for 'Fly'.


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