SNSD SeoHyun snap cute pictures with the girls of Red Velvet

Here comes Seo-phie together with the girls of Red Velvet who came to watch 'Mamma Mia'.

Taken at the backstage, you can check out SNSD SeoHyun's cute group picture with Joy, Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, and Yeri below~

"Our our~ Freshies~~#RedVelvet πŸπŸ’πŸ‡πŸ‘πŸ‹I've been so busy that only now I'm uploading this photo γ…œγ…œThank you so, so much for coming to cheer on unnie's performance~~^^Can you see how full~~ the waiting room is with fresh air???😘I will cheer you on a lot, a lot too~~ Pretty dongsaengs Joy, Wendy, Seulgi, Yeri πŸ’•+ pretty friend Juhyunnie γ…‹γ…‹"
snsd seohyun red velvet

snsd seohyun red velvet

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