SNSD Tiffany performed 'Talk' & 'I Just Wanna Dance' on M Countdown

Time to dance the night away with SNSD's Tiffany!

She has finally made her solo debut, and here she is performing 'Talk' & 'I Just Wanna Dance' on M Countdown~


'I Just Wanna Dance'

'Talk' Fancam

'I Just Wanna Dance' Fancam

'Talk' Fancam 2

'I Just Wanna Dance' Fancam 2

Loved it? We bet you'll love tomorrow's Music Bank even more.  Tiffany will be performing 'Once in a Lifetime' together with SeoHyun who will be playing the piano, and of course the title track of her mini album which is 'I Just Wanna Dance'.

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