SNSD Yuri came to watch SeoHyun's 'Mamma Mia'

Loyalty Award or Most Valuable Member? If there's one, SNSD's Yuri deserves it!

She was out on a mission today, and that is to spread the love by supporting her fellow members.  After visiting SooYoung at the set of her 'Squad 38' filming, and cheering for Tiffany on today's Inkigayo, Yuri was also out to watch SeoHyun's 'Mamma Mia' musical.

Meeting at the backstage, you can watch Yuri and SeoHyun's adorable clip below~

"SeoHyun: Ta dah~~ With Yul unnie who came to watch the performance yesterday~😘Despite being the 2nd performance of the day, thanks to unnie's diligent cheering, Seophie had a lot, a lot of strength~😤 Hehe. Her mother's cheering also gave me tons of strength!! Hehe. She must've been busy.. I was so, so thankful (for Yul)~ I love Yul 💕"

"Yuri: Watched a performance like this with mom 👭 Thanks to our maknaengie who let us watch it unfold live before our eyes and to all actors and staff, thank you and you worked hard, I'm touched.. ☺️ Our maknaengie who is growing every day, I'm so proud and she is so loveable. The fact that Choi Jungwon unnie is Donna.. Kkyah.. I'm really envious of you, Seophie💃 #Mamma Mia #Our Maknaengie #Doing Well #Mommy Smile While I Watched #My Mom Really Cried #I Think Our Maknaengie Kisses Too Much"

Seohyun and Yuri's Instagram

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