SNSD Tiffany's interview from 'Entertainment Weekly' (English Subbed)

SNSD's Tiffany, who is currently busy promoting 'I Just Wanna Dance', has sat down for an interview with 'Entertainment Relay'.

During their interview, Tiffany revealed how SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man reacted when she showed the dance for 'I Just Wanna Dance'.  She shared, "I practiced the choreography for 6 hours and recorded for 2-4 hours [every day]. I went home, listened, and repeated the process. I had to get it confirmed by the label. I was practicing one day and Lee Soo Man said he was going to come see how I was doing. It was my first time showing him the choreography since 2007. Usually, he comments about the performance, but he applauded me. He told me that I worked hard, so I'd be able to succeed no matter what."

Also on the interview, Tiffany shared that it was SooYoung who wrote the Korean lyrics for 'What Do I Do' while it was Tiffany who wrote the song in English.  Check out the full interview below~


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