SNSD SeoHyun thanks fans for celebrating her birthday

June 28 was indeed a special day for SNSD's SeoHyun.

She had a party with her fans, and here she is thanking everyone who remembered and celebrated it not only from Korea but from across the world~

"Today, thanks to our fans I spent the happiest birthday of my life~~♡ In every moment, I'm thankful and happy that I can receive such big love..^^ Thank you for congratulating me a lot and being together with Hyun~ Hehe. I love you ❤"

"I'm happy because everyone is here..♡ 
Thank you for always being by my side..^^ 
Sleep well, everyone 💕"

"Hyun morning~♡Our fans who greeted me early this morning~ Thank you~😘I will go to China and return well 💕#CanvasTheEmperor#Seohyun#HyunMorning"

Seohyun's Instagram

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