SooYoung talked about her trip to Italy, her drama 'Squad 38', and more in her 'GRAZIA' magazine interview

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Here she is talking about her previous travel to Italy, her upcoming drama 'Squad 38', her life as an SNSD member, and much more. Happy reading~

From Sooyoung, we can observe healthy self-love that can only be possessed by a person who has grown up giving love as much as they have received love. Her mentality is also very strong, so she won’t be shattered by most impacts. “That’s right. My self-esteem tends to be a bit high. Hahaha.” Sooyoung laughed brightly under the Milan sunlight. With 100% pure sparkle factor, not mixed with any impurities.

We noticed you carry your personal camera around and take photos here and there.

SooYoung: I feel like the only thing that remains are photos (laughs). And in Italy, you really can’t not take photos.

Where did you like the best?

SooYoung: The Duomo in Florence. To make that, it really speaks to the tenacity of the ancestors. How can they do that?

Staff who worked with Sooyoung all gave compliments.

SooYoung: Really? I don’t really know what they are complimenting. What did they say?

They liked your personality.

SooYoung: Thank you. Hehe. But that’s because I’m a SNSD member. If I make a mistake somewhere, it doesn’t end with me, but it affects members too.

Are you talking about a sense of responsibility?

SooYoung: The responsibility to do the share of 8 people? And there are demands that come out of shoots. I do everything I’m asked. Hahaha.

You’re a pro.

SooYoung: I think that my work is expressing it according to the intention of the person making it. Why is a celebrity a celebrity. If you shoot an editorial, you have to express the atmosphere and pose that the editor is thinking, and on drama shoots, you’re a person who has to act according to the director, who is looking at the big picture.

Do you think that there was no ‘acting ability controversy’ even though you’re an idol actress because of this way of thinking?

If I wasn’t confirmed as SNSD, I probably would’ve debuted as an actress. I prepared for about 7 years and I had thoughts of, ’Now it’s hopeless to debut as a member of a girl group’. At that time, I auditioned a lot for movies and dramas. And until now, I mostly acted as characters who resemble me, so I wonder if there was less awkwardness.

In the upcoming OCN drama [Squad 38], we heard you have a very different role as a tax collector?

SooYoung: She’s a civil servant who collects taxes. Very ethical, logical and rational. She’s a young woman who seems weak, but when she’s dealing with delinquent taxpayers, she says everything she needs to.

Is she a tough and unruly character?

SooYoung: She’s not unruly. She’s also not tough. She’s just doing her job. Her style is not about being passionate at one thing. Should I say she’s a worker who we can commonly witness in everyday life?

Tell us one thing that we can enjoy.

SooYoung: My appearance without mascara? Hehehe. I’m kidding. I really tried hard to just show you the role. I had no greed about the clothes I wore. My body shape is really particular when it comes to clothing. If I wear pants, I have to wear it very fitted. If I don’t, I look too thin. But this time, I looked poor and left all of the flaws showing. If my shoulders look too narrow and it looks ugly, that’s okay. As long as it shows the appearance of a busy person, who can’t put a lot of care into their looks due to work.

On Instagram, Ma Dongsuk and Seo Ingook, who star with you, created a shade using their hands and treated you like an actress. What is it like on set?

SooYoung: Unexpectedly, on set, I tend to be very quiet.

Are you restraining yourself on purpose?

SooYoung: No. Unlike how it appears, I tend to be a bit shy. On every set I’ve been on so far, I’ve never been the mood maker.

It seems unexpected when you think of SNSD’s Sooyoung.

SooYoung: My funny side pops out when I’m comfortable. On set, I tend to just act in silence.

You might be misunderstood.

SooYoung: At first it was like that. I heard people say behind me ‘She’s being arrogant because she’s SNSD’. But if you think about it, I’m the farthest thing from arrogant. I’ve thought, ‘Ah, if I’m expressionless, people might think that’ so these days, I try to overdo it and smile even brighter on purpose.

Oh, is this how you approach daily life?

SooYoung: That’s right. But sometimes I think ‘If I was just a regular actress, would I have been subject to this misunderstanding?’

Honestly, does it feel unfair at times like this?

SooYoung: Even if it seems unfair, if the reason is because I’m a part of SNSD, I don’t feel bad. If I think ‘I’m getting misunderstood because SNSD is in a position that people recognize’, it actually makes me feel happy and thankful.

What’s the one thing you consider to be the most importance when it comes to human relationships?

SooYoung: Honesty! If there is something that bothers me, I don’t keep it in and I say it right away. If you talk about it and if it’s accepted by others, there are relationships that can improve.

We’re envious of your personality?

SooYoung: Ah, really? I think it’s better to speak honestly than to hold a grudge and stop communicating without words…

That requires a lot of courage. You must have a high self-esteem?

SooYoung: Is that so? That’s right. My self-esteem tends to be a bit high. I’m a woman with a strong self-esteem. Haha.

You have a lot of female fans. Why do you think that is?

SooYoung: I wonder if the reason why women like me is because of my fashion. I tend to dress a bit mature. I think young friends like me because I’m funny (laughs).

In particular, your popularity among elementary school fans is no joke? You uploaded a letter from a elementary school fan recently. After seeing ‘I cried because of a test today, but I’m happy because I met unnie’ written in crooked letters, we laughed because it was cute.

SooYoung: It made me think that I’ve still got it. I took a video too, do you want to watch it? Hakdong Elementary School is right in front of my house. I went to go eat at a restaurant in front of my house with my mom, and a couple of elementary school students who were passing by recognized me. After that, they brought all of their friends over. Normally, I would’ve been uncomfortable but it put me in a good mood. I wondered ‘Wait, how do these kids know SNSD?’ They left after giving me snacks and banana milk. Aren’t they cute?

Banana milk and snacks? They basically gave you everything!

SooYoung: That’s what I’m saying! As an adult in society, I sometimes think ‘Ah, what will become of our world’ (laughs). After seeing friends who express the heart of a fan so innocently, I was thankful.

SNSD is in its 10th year. If there’s one thing that has changed the most compared to when you debuted, what would it be?

SooYoung: I actually think I was a bit more mature back then. If you told me to do everything I did then now, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it. It’s really not an easy task to live as a member of South Korea’s girl group.

In what particular aspect does that ring true?

SooYoung: The destiny of a girl group is this, if you’re pretty, you’re good.

Hey, we don’t believe that.

SooYoung: It’s real (laughs) . It’s an existence where a person’s character is judged by their external appearance. If I think about it now, I think ‘I should’ve been frantically pretty’. I didn’t know the fact that even if you’re well-spoken, good at acting and full of talents, a smiling and pretty appearance will receive more love.

Were you just unaware and frantic no matter what?

At that time, if I didn’t receive as much of a spotlight, I thought that was naturally my place. I thought it was reasonable and fair. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you do events, you dance, you sing. If you told me to go back to that time, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.

That’s fair. Really, with what heart did you withstand it all?

SooYoung: I still don’t know how. If I think about it now, I do feel I did something tremedous. But how could that just be me? Other members would’ve had the exact same heart. So when I see rookie group these days, my heart aches for them.

Because it reminds you of the past?

SooYoung: Back then, when we were doing an interview with Kim Jedong oppa and he said to me, ‘When I think of what young kids your age have to go through, I really, really pity them’. I said, ‘What’s there to pity. Everyone is living well and happily’, but these days when I see rookie groups, I have those exact thoughts. ‘How are they withstanding it all…?’ They are enduring with youthful passion. My heart is unwell when people talk about misunderstandings regarding girl groups. They are not at an age yet where they should be able to endure that.

As the sunbae, your heart must want to help them a lot.

SooYoung: But when I see them do well, without any problems, I wonder if those friends already know everything. Sometimes I think this and sometimes I think that.

Right now, what scares you the most?

SooYoung: The public no longer seeking me out? No… I’m mentally prepared for that (laughs). Hmm, actually, I think I get scared when there are a lot of good things happening. ‘Why is it like this suddenly? Is it okay to like this?’

You must think of life as a box of chocolates?

SooYoung: Yes. Even if things become chaotic later, I would like to face it calmly.

Normally, how do you control your mind?

SooYoung: I think the biggest comfort is that there are always a couple of people around me who understand my heart. If you look at people who aren’t able to control their own mind normally, they want you to understand this. ‘Understand that I’m not showing it even if I’m putting in this much effort’, ’Truthfully, I only slept this much so notice it’. So they can easily get irritated. As much as I am receiving people’s attention and love, if there’s someone like that in my life, I try to notice it first and talk to them. The words ‘You’re having a hard time these days, right?’ can be a big source of comfort.

Please say one thing to frantic Sooyoung from 10 years ago.

SooYoung: I don’t think I can say ‘You don’t need to work that hard’. Haha. I would say it like this. ‘It’s really hard, right? You’re doing well, you’re doing enough.’

While patting her on the back?

SooYoung: Yes. While patting her on the back.

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