Check out the set list from TaeYeon's 'Butterfly Kiss' concert

SNSD TaeYeon's 'Butterfly Kiss' concert was a huge success!

It was held at the Olympic Hall of the Seoul Olympic Park, and for those who can't go, here's a teaser on what transpired at the concert.

Here's the set list from TaeYeon's 'Butterfly Kiss'~

1. Intro (VCR)
2. Up & Down
3. Good Thing
4. Fashion
5. Night
6. Rain
7. Gemini
8. MC
9. Farewell
10. VCR (BGM: TY singing 'Time, walking through the memories' by Nell)
11. If
12. Can You Hear Me & I Love You
13. MC
14. Blue Night In Jeju
15. Atlantis Princess
16. VCR (BGM: TY singing 'Uptown Funk' by Mark Ronson)
17. Why
18. Hands On Me
19. Starlight (with Dean)
20. Guest Stage (Dean)
21. VCR
22. Secret
23. Prey
24. I
25. Twinkle (Encore)
26. Stress (Encore)
27. Gee (Encore)
28. VCR (Making Film)
29. UR (Encore)

snsd taeyeon butterfly kiss concert


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