SNSD YoonA talked about her popularity in China, drama and movie roles, and more in her 'High Cut' interview

After seeing her gorgeous pictures, it's now time to get updated with SNSD's YoonA.

Here's her 'High Cut' interview where she talked about her popularity in China, her drama and movie roles, and more~

Reason and sensibility. Seduction and innocence. Twenty-seven year old Yoona who freely swims between.

When you shot the editorial for [HIGH CUT] last year, you were blonde. We remember the reaction being good back then, will we be able to see ‘blonde Yoona’ again?

YoonA: I could’ve sustained the blonde hair for longer at that time but I didn’t want to do so. It’s uncomfortable for day-to-day life and it limits the clothes you can wear. It’s a style that’s only pretty when you’re completely put together so I lost confidence when I was bare faced? (Laughs) Ah, you have to keep touching up the roots too. Despite that, I think attempting blonde hair was definitely a good thing. Thank goodness we shot an editorial then.

We recently saw the news and [God of War, Zhao Yun] accumulated 10 billion views in China. It’s an incredible number, how do you feel?

YoonA: It’s a number I didn’t even imagine. After the broadcast ended, I heard that a lot of people still watched. A figure of 10 billion views is something that I’ve experienced for the first time so initially, it didn’t even feel real. I think it’s truly huge.

After [God of War, Zhao Yun], your recognition and influence in China has become significantly large. What do you think is the reason that Yoona is receiving a lot of love in China?

YoonA: It’s what I want to ask. What they like about me. (Laugh) I’m not sure, but they already recognize me a lot through SNSD and because I appear in local dramas, I think they like me even more. I’ve also heard that they look favourably (prettily) upon me going on local variety programs and attempting hard to speak Chinese.

As far as we know, there aren’t any plans to air [God of War, Zhao Yun] domestically. As a result, there aren’t a lot of information about the piece, what kind of character did Yoona act in the drama?

YoonA: I played two roles. The first role is Xiahou Qing, Zhao Zi Long (Lin Gengxin)’s first love. She’s a fictional character who did not exist. In the middle, Xiahou Qing ends up dying and I appear as a character called Ma Yu Rou, who looks exactly the same. Ma Yu Rou has an one-sided love for Zhao Zi Long, and in the end, she fulfills her love. Regardless, the two characters are both Zhao Zi Long’s partner.

You are holding a solo fan meeting tour ‘Blossom’, starting in Beijing on June 25 and then in Guangzhou (July 2), Chongqing (July 24) and Shanghai (July 30). Through the fan meetings, what side of Yoona are you planning to show?

YoonA: The thing I’ve prepared the most is Chinese songs. I’ll be singing three or four songs and all of the lyrics are Chinese. It’s a bit difficult because of the pronunciation. It’s my first time doing a solo fan meeting so I’m thinking a lot about what I should do that would be good.

Have you memorized all of the Chinese lyrics?

YoonA: Hmm… 80% of one or two songs? I’ve memorized 100% of the rest but I think I might forget them if I’m nervous. (Laughs)

As a domestic girl group member, we can view you as the most successful Hallyu star in China. What advice would you give to hoobae singers who are dreaming of being the 2nd Yoona?

YoonA: It’s fascinating to me that I’ve become that person. (Laughs) I think in everything you do, you need to enjoy it. Should I say that it depends on how you think? If you enjoy your work, everything else follows.

Currently, you’re shooting [Cooperation], your debut Korean movie. How is it to act with huge sunbaes like Hyunbin, Yoo Haejin, Kim Juhyuk and Jang Youngnam?

YoonA: Regrettably, didn’t have any scenes with Kim Juhyuk sunbaenim. I mostly acted with Hyunbin, Yoo Haejin, and Jang Youngnam sunbaenims. It was my first time doing a movie, and it was new to meet the sunbaenims too. Honestly, I didn’t want my start in movies to be too big. Sunbaenim’s acting abilities are so good that they were able to fill where I was lacking, and I received energy from them.

In the film, you have the role of Minyoung. What kind of a person is Minyoung?

YoonA: She is Yoo Haejin sunbaenim’s sister-in-law and Jang Youngnam sunbaenim’s younger sister, and a character who likes Hyunbin oppa.

If we’re discussing domestic dramas, you haven’t had any domestic activities for 2 years since [Prime Minister and I] which ended in 2014. When will we be able to see you in a new drama?

YoonA: I think my thoughts are gradually changing now. If I was waiting for good pieces before, these days, I’m waiting for roles that I want to play. Roles that I can work hard at because I’m really excited.

Then do you have thirst toward acting?

YoonA: Of course. It hasn’t been long since I’ve developed that thirst. Before that I could wait (for opportunities to act) but recently, my thirst toward acting has intensified. I’m not yet sure if it’s better to take a role whenever there is an opportunity and do a lot of roles for experience, or wait and pick roles that I want to do. I think good roles will come to me in the near future. (Laughs)

With regards to SNSD, people characterize the group as ‘one group, with image that goes beyond’. You’ve become a girl group that represents the nation, and as SNSD, you must have definite pride, but conversely, it must be overwhelming.

YoonA: Truthfully, burdens and pressures have disappeared a lot compared to before. Now it feels like we’re spending time with fans and the public? Fans have watched SNSD’s growth process, right? So now, I think it has become a lot more comfortable.

If you weren’t a SNSD member, what kind of work would Yoona be doing now?

YoonA: If I wasn’t SNSD? If there is an existence like SNSD, wouldn’t I be wanting to be a SNSD member? (Laughs)

Recently, SNSD member Tiffany came out with a solo. Does Yoona have any solo debut plans?

YoonA: If there is an opportunity, I’d do it, but I don’t have a huge greed for a solo album. My desire to meet a really good piece is greater.

The popularity of girl groups these days is incredible. Is there a girl group that could follow in SNSD’s footsteps that you’re watching?

YoonA: There are so many pretty and talented friends. How disappointed would they be if I named just one team? (Laughs)

Is SNSD affected by watching hoobaes?

YoonA: If our activities overlap with a hoobae girl group’s, we say ‘We need to overflow with fighting (energy) like that’ and pump ourselves up again.

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