SeoHyun thanked fans for SNSD's 9th anniversary through her sweet message

Aside from their sweet song which is dedicated to all their fans, here's SNSD's SeoHyun sharing her thoughts and expressing her gratitude to all the fans who stayed with them throughout the years.

"SeoHyun: 9 years of time we restlessly ran through, with the same dreams and being each other's strength... Because SONE exists, we were able to sing and we could endure when it was difficult, and even if tears fell, we could smile and like this... We could exist..^^ 9 years ago today was the day that SNSD and SONE met for the first time~ I still can't forget that day.. heh.

The moment we stood on that first stage with flutters and incredible nervousness, the pure eyes who looked at us and the warm cheers you sent us without reservation were delivered deeply into our hearts..That's when we found our courage.. Because we have fans who cheer us on like this, we will be able to do anything..^^

Thank you so much for being a reliable source of strength beside us while experiencing many things together with us for 9 years.. Even when we were clumsy and young, you always watched over us, waited for us, were on our side, and loved us unconditionally so we could grow so thank you for that.. And.. I love you♡

My one and only, precious unnies who have really become my family.. My Girls' Generation 👭👭👭👭

Thank you so much and I love you a lot..♡ SONE💖SNSD, congratulations on 9 years~!!!!🎉

#SNSD9thAnniversary  #Sailing #LookBackonLongPathTheNewWorldWeMetIsYou #LoveYou❤."


If you missed it, you can watch SNSD's MV for 'Sailing / That Summer (0805) here.

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