Wonder Girls' YeEun and 2AM's Jinwoon are dating!

Wonder Girls' YeEun and 2AM's Jinwoon are dating? That's right, and the two have been enjoying each other's company for two years now.

On September 21st, JYP Entertainment confirmed this by releasing the following statement:

"Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.

Yenny and Jinwoon have built up a special relationship by being under the same company and by sharing their musical interests.

The two, who shared a common denominator called music, went from friends to lovers toward the beginning of 2014, and continue to maintain their relationship even after Jinwoon signed on with Mystic Entertainment.

Even now, they hold back no advice or encouragement toward each other's music, and remain a beautiful musician couple.

Please watch over Yenny and Jinwoon's relationship fondly and cheer them on."

JYP Entertainment

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