Nicole and Key came to support SeoHyun's 'Don't Say No' debut on M Countdown

Love is in the air as SNSD SeoHyun's friends came to support her  'Don't Say No' debut on M Countdown!

If you have already watch SeoHyun's  performance, it's now time to see their adorable clip and picture from the backstage~

"And... Spending all nightㅜㅜ All of our fans who cheered me on with loud voices without sleeping..ㅜㅜㅜ Thank you so, so, so, so much 💕 Thanks to everyone, I didn't feel alone even though it was a solo~ Hehe, I love you all😍 Sleep well~~ Let's meet again tomorrow~♡"

'Came to cheer on my first solo debut stage today~~ Our Kolkolie💕 
Really.. You don't know how much strength you gave me ㅜㅜ
Thank you so much♡ Thank you so much for liking my music too ㅜㅜ
Let's have a date again soon!!love ya😘 #ItsAGoodFriendship #DontSayNo"

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