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After charming us with her stunning clip and pictures, here comes more of SNSD's TaeYeon from Beauty+ magazine's February issue.

“Fairy Tale, Fairy Taeyeon”

We met Taeyeon, who spent last year busier than anyone, in Madrid, Spain. Her day that was beautiful like a scene out of a fairytale.

On the day of the photoshoot, it rained starting in the early morning. According to the weather forecast, the rain that should have stopped in the morning kept coming down all morning. It was an outdoor shoot so unavoidably Taeyeon had to shoot while getting rained on. Cold weather is really uncommon in Madrid, but this day was also heartlessly cold. Since it’s a February issue, she had to wear relatively thin clothing and we had to proceed with the shoot knowing how much hardship she would go through, so we were sorry, and also thankful to her. Difficult shoot that started early in the morning and wrapped up almost at 5 in the afternoon. When we returned to the hotel and before we started the interview, at the question asking if the shoot was hard, she told us while smiling brightly. “Nah~ Everyone went through the hardship together. That’s okay.” Her thoughtful and easygoing words made our hearts that were nervous during the shoot relax, and we were able to chat like we were friends.

Is it your first time in Spain? How did it feel?
The memory that comes up first are the fans who waited in the airport for me. Whenever I go to different countries, I feel the climate first, but this time, a lot of fans were waiting for me inside of the airport, so I was surprised to the point that I didn’t even have time to feel the climate and it was nice to see them.

Was there anything you wanted to do when you came to Spain?
The Spain I imagined had sunny weather and the feeling of lively streets. I wanted to walk a lot while being in the sun, but while I’ve been here, it rained a lot so it’s a bit regrettable.

What is your favourite city?
I like Tokyo. I think it suits me well. When we promoted in Japan, we stayed in the Roppongi district, and when I had free time with members, we visited the Shibuya district often too. And I also like Bangkok, the fans’ cheering is the loudest in that city. Their cheers were colossal, to the point that your ear rings in the airport. We were really thankful for their passionate reaction. So I really like Thailand.

How do you spend your time in the morning?
These days, I especially try to watch the news more. I can’t focus and watch it for a long time, but while I get ready, I go back and forth and watch the news. And I always eat breakfast.

What do you usually eat in the morning?
I eat Korean food, and I make sure to eat fruit too. These days, I’m into sweet potatoes (laughs) so I like baking it myself in the oven.

As a homebody should, Taeyeon has a variety of hobbies. You even have the nickname of ‘Taeng Artist’. How did you come to have an interest in art?
Since I was young, I had a lot of greed toward ‘colour’, when it came to crayons or pencil crayons. I definitely touched and played around with my mom’s makeup often. Rather than art, I had a lot of curiosity toward colour. I like using a variety of colours, so I came to like colouring books.

Have you ever thought of wanting to be an artist?
I want to start learning art properly, but I haven’t been able to start. I have a lot of art supplies at home too. A lot of fans gave it to me as a gift. I go to art supply stores to buy and personally use art supplies that I’m curious about. Art is art, but I also really like makeup.

You’ve wanted to learn how to apply makeup?
Yes, I want to learn it professionally. When I’m at home, I try out different makeup. I personally purchase products I want to try too, and apply it on my face. I often search for colour swatches on the internet, but swatches vary according to skin, so I need to apply it myself to be satisfied.

You’ve been a celebrity for a long time, so we thought your self-makeup wouldn’t be good, but it’s surprising.
I’ve learned the skills of a makeup artists over their shoulders, and whenever I’m curious about various tips, I ask them. These days, I have a lot of interest in thicker makeup, so I’ve been trying various shadows.

Do you have another hobby?
Baking. I’ve been doing it consistently since the fall of 2016. After baking, rather than eating it, I like decorating it. Like I said earlier, I really have fun putting various colours on top of a cookie. When I bake cupcakes, it changes according to how you decorate it. I ponder for several hours about whether I should put the cream cheese in circular motions or by dotting it. After completing it, I upload it to Instagram and the fans’ reactions are good, so I’m proud too. This Christmas, I’m planning to do an event for the fans. (She did an event where she shared cookies with her fans at Christmas.)

When we see you up close, your skin is really like a baby’s. How do you take care of your skin normally?
My skin is dry and sensitive, so I put a lot of care into moisturizing in the winter. When you use an oil-based serum several times by layering it, it doesn’t suffocate your skin but keeps it moist. If that’s not enough, I mix in a few drops of oils into cream. And I really think I use packs at least three times a week. I enjoy wash-off types and also sheet masks. I like doing home care alone, by using a variety of products. Before I occasionally went to an esthetician, but these days, I have some down time, so I try to take care of my own body myself.

You maintained bright hair for a long time, and you toned it down. How does it feel?
I had blonde hair for a long time, so when fans send photos of when I had black hair, I had thoughts of ‘Wow, I want to return to this time’. Last year, when the ’11:11’ album came out, I thought it would be good to show a calm image, so I tried toning my hair down, and I like it.

Is there a hair colour you want to attempt?
I’ve never attempted reddish hair. So I really want to attempt ginger red.

Do you have any interest in variety programs?
I enjoy watching OnStyle and I especially like [Get It Beauty]. I’ve been a radio DJ before, so I’ve imagined what it would be like to be the MC of a beauty program, and I think it would be very fun.

You released a self-written song last year, can we see the singer-songwriter side of you this year?
I’m waiting for a good inspiration. I don’t want to rush it, and I would like it if I could write a cool song one day. Even if I don’t compose it myself. I’m trying hard to sing any given song differently in my own style. Every time I sing a song, the emotion is different. I want to communicate the feelings of that unique moment. Fans listen to a single recording of a song continuously. So I want to them listen to a new version.

What is Taeyeon’s ‘life music’ (song of her life or best song she’s done to date)?
My life music is ‘I’. It’s my first solo debut song, and it was the first time in my life I’ve experienced something like that. The feeling of being alone on a different planet without family? I had the feeling of ‘It’s a situation that I need to figure out alone’. When I did the first broadcast for ‘I’, I remember going to the broadcasting station nervous, even though I’ve been going to them for years. The mood was different from when I’ve been with the team. I was afraid, but ‘I’ gave me a lot of courage and it allowed me to learn a lot. That’s why I got a tattoo of ‘I’. It’s a truly meaningful song for me.

Do you have plans in 2017?
Like 2016, I’m preparing so I can show a variety of songs through various albums. And this year is SNSD’s 10th anniversary year since debut. As SNSD, I want to show a meaningful side of us in a cool way with members.

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