SNSD TaeYeon and SeoHyun are adorable Oppas in their latest pictures

It's a battle between the leader and the maknae! Who's your Oppa?

Both are are so adorable and good-looking but who's your choice?  Check out TaeYeon and SeoHyun's photos below~

"SeoHyun: Taengoo hyung.. Let's duel! Clink! Clink! Clink!"

"TaeYeon: If you're Seo Juhyuk, I'm Kim Taehyuk. Hyung is going to the military this time."

"SeoHyun: Hyung!!!! You're finally going! I will cheer you on! 
I'm a rookie, so I think I will end up going in about 10 years."

Taeyeon & SeoHyun's Instagram

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