SNSD TaeYeon thanks fans for celebrating her Birthday

March 9th was SNSD TaeYeon's special day!

Thanking all the fans who remembered and celebrated it, here she is saying...

"SONE whom I love💜

Hello, it’s Taeyeon!
It’s already March in 2017 huh.
The weather is still a little chilly but somehow the term ‘spring’ is influencing me and I’ve been having many different thoughts^^

It was my 29th birthday today.
I received wishes from a lot of people and it made me realise… “I’m really a blessed/fortunate person.”

And even this!
The news of everyone making ‘Fine’ win first place on a music broadcast was the best gift of all😍
To be able to receive such a great gift from SONE made it a day I could be even prouder of.
It’s a wonderful birthday!
Recently, just thinking about the release of my first full length album and the fact that all of you are next to me -
- makes me feel full even if I don’t eat and makes me feel so secure, just feelings like that hehe. My treasures💜
In the future too, I’ll reciprocate through even better music.

Let’s go on for a long time😍
I love you SONE"

Aside from that, TaeYeon also thanked fans through her live broadcast.

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