Three SNSD members did not renew their contract with SM Entertainment

It's either too early or too late for this kind of news.

On October 9th, Ilgan Sports reported that SooYoung, SeoHyun and Tiffany did not renew their contracts with SM Entertainment.

It has been reported that Tiffany plans to go abroad and study acting while SeoHyun and SooYoung are planning to focus on on their acting careers.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment also released a statement saying, "Girls' Generation is a very precious and meaningful group to both SM Entertainment and fans. The members are not thinking to disband. However, there are members whose contracts have come to an end. The direction of Girls' Generation's promotions will be carefully decided after discussion with the members."

Right now, it's been reported that Taeyeon, YoonA, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sunny have already renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment.

Ilgan Sports

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