Kim JiHoon sent coffee and churros car at the site of SNSD SeoHyun's 'TIME'

Showing her support for her junior, actor Kim Jihoon sent a coffee and churros car at the set of SNSD SeoHyun's drama titled 'TIME'.

SeoHyun: "Kkyack!! Actor #KimJihoon oppa sent a coffee & churros car!!✌🏻 Sunbaenim whose face and heart are cool~~ I ate it deliciously and gratefully😘 I’ll have strength until the end~!! #KimJihoonOppaIsTheBest."

Actor Kim Jihoon appeared with SeoHyun's in the drama 'Bad Thief, Good Thief', the drama which gave SeoHyun the Best New Actress Award back in 2017.

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