It's a Happy TaeYeon Day!

March 9 is a very special day and SNSD fans would know the reason why!

It's the birthday of Kim TaeYeon and here she is celebrating and expressing her gratitude for this day~

"I love Mom πŸ’œ I love Scarf? Zero, too πŸ’œ I love Dad, who took this, too πŸ’œ"

"I’m happy. Today."

"I will be diligent with my work"

"Today I will be thankful for my parents, fans who have cheered me on 
and given me lots of love, all loveable staff and acquaintances around me 
and spend a precious day, because today is a day like that ♡ #Taengmas"

생일 μΆ•ν•˜ν•΄μš”  κΉ€νƒœμ—°!

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