SNSD members had a mini reunion!

A reunion? Yes, it is!

On July 18th, the members of SNSD had a mini-reunion.  SeoHyun was happy to share it with their fans and added the caption, "Girls’ Generation sudden gathering. We miss Tiffany unnie and SoonKyu (Sunny) unnie" as seen in the photo above.

Meanwhile, SooYoung also shared, "We’re also someone’s Girls’ Generation unnies."

As of now, SNSD members are busy with their individual schedules.   
TaeYeon will be releasing an OST for IU's drama titled 'Hotel Del Luna'
Tiffany is busy with her upcoming North American solo tour, and is also set to release a new single titled 'Magnetic Moon' on August 2.
SeoHyun signed with Namoo Actors to expand her acting career, 
HyoYeon has just released her 'Badster' MV
YoonA has a new film titled 'E.X.I.T'
Yuri appeared in her first play titled 'Grandpa Henri and I'
SooYoung starred in the film titled 'Girl Cops',
Sunny is in the variety show titled 'Shall We Chicken'


Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been busy with our work but hopefully we can be active and start posting updates again soon.

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