HA:TFELT released her music videos for 'Sweet Sensation' and 'Solitude'

Ha:tfelt... Yenny.. she's the one and only -- YeEun of the Wonder Girls!

She's back with her new project, and we bet it's a 'Sweet Sensation' nobody can refuse.  Without further ado, here's are her latest music video for you~

Ha:tfelt 'Sweet Sensation' feat. SOLE

Ha:tfelt 'Solitude'

Wonderful, right? Here are more performances for you to enjoy.

YeEun started using the alias 'Ha:tfelt' since 2011. It was derived from the word 'heartfelt' which means sincere and from the heart.  To make it not sound too feminine they then chose the British English form which was Ha:tfelt.  'Ha:t' can either mean hot or heart which makes Ha:tfelt contain it's original meaning sincerity as well as passion and hotness!

Amoeba Culture, Piki Pictures

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