Jessica Jung covers Anne Marie's 'Birthday' + more Tiktok Posts

Jessica's birthday is coming!  You know it's on the 18th of April, right?

Sending us a wonderful treat, here she is covering Anne Marie's 'Birthday'~

When we think of Anne Marie, the first song that comes to our mind is '2002'.  Wouldn't it be nice if Jessica would cover it too or even a collaboration someday?

Since we are on it, we'll let you hear Jessica's beautiful rendition of 'Let it Go' too.

To wrap this post up, you can also see Jessica's latest Instagram and Tiktok posts below.

Jessica Jung Anne Marie Birthday

Jessica Jung Anne Marie Birthday

Advanced Happy Birthday Jessica!

You can follow Jessica's Tiktok account at @jessica.syj

Catch more of Jessica's Instagram and Tiktok posts here.

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