Get your book recommendations from SNSD Tiffany!

SNSD Tiffany Book Recommendations

Reading books? Yes! That's one of the most relaxing, productive and wonderful thing you can do during this time.

SNSD's Tiffany definitely knows it that's why she's here to encourage everyone to read and she even recommended some good books too~

"read, rosé, relax, repeat. ☁️📖"

Since Tiffany's videos were mirrored, here are the list of the books which she mentioned:

1. If I Had Your Face
2. The Magical Language of Others
3. Pachinko
4. Dear Girls
5. The Glass Castle
6. Excuse Me
7. Becoming

Those were just the books in the picture but Tiffany also mentioned Harry Potter, Narnia Books, and the novel 'Everything I Never Told You'.

The book in this picture is 'Everything I Never Told You'

Have you read any of those or are you planning to get some of those titles soon?

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