Celebrate Children's Day with SNSD TaeYeon and her Family!

SNSD TaeYeon with Brother

As we have mentioned in our post earlier, SNSD's Childhood pictures, today is Children's Day in South Korea!

SNSD's TaeYeon won't miss out on celebrating it, that's why here she is posting an adorable picture with her brother~

"Children's Day"
snsd taeyeon brother

Now is a perfect time to look back and see more of their heartwarming photos together, right? Let's start it with their most recent one.

snsd taeyeon family
From Left to Right: Jiwoong, their Mother, Hayeon, and TaeYeon

snsd taeyeon family

snsd taeyeon sistersnsd taeyeon sister

We also made a simple slideshow featuring TaeYeon's pre-debut pictures years ago so you may want to watch it again~

You can see the childhood pictures of other SNSD members here.

Taeyeon's Instagram

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