Mnet reveals 'Good Girl' Episode 1 teaser with SNSD HyoYeon!

snsd hyoyeon mnet good girl

The show is about to start and it looks like were are on for a sizzling start!

Mnet has finally dropped the teaser for the first episode of 'Good Girl: Who Robbed the Broadcasting Station?' and it's gonna be SNSD's Hyoyeon competing against the other nine musicians joining the show.

Everything starts with a first encounter! Let's check their amusing teaser below~

Mnet's 'Good Girl' will start airing on May 14 and aside from SNSD's Hyoyeon, other competitors includes Ailee, Park Jimin, CLC's Yeun, Kard's Jiwoo, Cheetah, SLEEQ, Queen Wasabi, Yunhway, and Lee Young Ji.

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