SNSD members reunite at their Manager's wedding

snsd reunion

It's another reunion, not the one we have all been waiting for but nevertheless we are sure you are gonna love it.

Today, it was SNSD member's turn to show love for their manager-oppa who has always there for them.  Taeyeon, YoonA, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung and Seohyun were out to attend their manager's wedding, and as expected they completed it with their special performance. (Tiffany couldn't make it to the wedding)

Witness their sweet performances in this next clip and continue browsing to see more of SNSD's heartwarming pictures~  

It was a bonding moment for the girls too as they even rehearsed before the ceremony.

 "Sooyoung: Cuz of you it was a good dayHope you’ll be happy # GgongManager"

"Seohyun: We’re always like this when we gather...kk Hectic GG cuz we’re laughing"

snsd at manager wedding
"Seohyun: Long time no see #GirlsGeneration
This is GG It’ll be GG Forever GG(Fany unnie miss u)"

snsd at manager wedding

snsd at manager wedding

snsd at manager wedding

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