SNSD SeoHyun supports the 'Bye Buy' Campaign

SNSD Seohyun supports the Buy Bye Campaign

Following the Thanks to Challenge, here's another advocacy from SNSD's Seohyun.

It's the 'Buy Bye' campaign which aims to stop the culture of buying animals and promote the adopting of abandoned animals as well.  Perfect slogan for this would be the one we have read before which says "Adopt, don't shop!".

There's no audio in the video but SeoHyun wrote, "Hello this is Seohyun I'm participating in the #Bye Buy Campaign in relay from KimHyoJin. I hope this campaign which means to say bye to the culture of buying animals will be spread widely and hope the day comes when all abandoned animals will become happy.  The next ones in relay will be GirlsGeneration Taeyeon unnie and YoonJiWon Actor."


This is another wonderful campaign, we hope that those who are able will choose to adopt abandoned animals instead. ♥

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