SNSD TaeYeon unveils the teaser for her 'The Unseen' KiT Video

SNSD Taeyeon The Unseen KiT Video

Couldn't go to Taeyeon's 'The Unseen' concert before?  You may finally see it soon as TaeYeon is set to release her 'The Unseen' Kihno Video kit.

This kit will feature Taeyeon's performances, various behind the scenes moments, and VCR from her 'The Unseen' concert held last January at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

Wonderful right? To delight you even more, you can watch Taeyeon's 'The Unseen' teaser below~

For those who want to Buy Taeyeon's  'The Unseen' KiT Video,  you can preorder and see more details here.

For those who are new to KiT, it is like Oh!GG's 'Lil Touch' (Kihno Album), it's a kit which you connect to your phone through the headphone jack to access the videos and other contents.  Taeyeon has also released one like this before for her 'S…TAEYEON CONCERT.

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