SNSD YoonA and Yuri supports the "#Thanks to Challenge"

snsd yoona yuri yoonyul

YoonYul is here to show their appreciation and support to everyone who step-up in the midst of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Let's start with Yuri who expressed, "Hello! This is GirlsGeneration Yuri I’m participating in #thankstochallenge in relay from ParkSoDam. Thank you so much. Nowadays when the world is fatigued from Corona 19, thanks to the medical forces, we are safe and well. #thank you 🥼 # thanks to 🥼 # cheers to 🥼".

snsd yuri thanks to challenge

Yuri then continued with, "The three lovely people who will send support in relay are Yoona Hyomin Sooyoung. Thank you for participating Everyone who is reading this, we can do this. Everyone hwaiiting. S Korea hwaiiting."

snsd yuri thanks to challenge

YoonA then gladly answered to Yuri's call and posted, "I truly thank the medical forces who work their best during these difficult times due to Corona 19. I wish for their safety. I participated in the #thankstochallenge in relay from GirlsGeneration Yuri".

She then continued, "With thankful heart I will continue my support. The next in relay are Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation Actress Han Ye Seul Comedian Cho Sae Ho Thank you".

snsd yoona thanks to challenge

Will TaeYeon show her support soon?  I think we can count on that!

YoonA and Yuri's Instagrams

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