SNSD Tiffany advocates the fight to racial equality and justice!

"With great powers comes great responsibility" as they always say but this time can we say with 8.1 million followers comes great responsibility?

SNSD's Tiffany proved that she can handle that responsibility earlier today as she expressed her support to racial equality and justice.  This problem still exists everywhere and sadly, the unfortunate incident that happened to George Floyd had to happen to wake us up.

It started with her post saying, "BLACK LIVES MATTER. • ive added links in my stories on ways everyone can support & where i plan to donate to after Black Out Tuesday."

That alone is a great support from Tiffany but she also went to post links on where people can show their support.

If you still haven't heard about what happened to George Floyd, we'll lead you to CNN's summary.

Tiffany's Instagram

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