Jung Kyung-ho says Sooyoung made him a better person

SNSD Sooyoung Boyfriend Jung Kyungho

Love is in the air!

Our idols continue to show us great examples of what a long-term relationship should be.  Following news about Lim's bridal shower where the Wonder Girls had a reunion, here's another one from SNSD's side.

Don't get us wrong, Sooyoung is not getting married just yet but here's her boyfriend, actor Jung Kyung-ho, expressing his love and crediting her for what he is now.

Through his Marie Claire interview, Kyung-ho shared, "I've been with my girlfriend for over eight years. That makes me think that Sooyoung made me who I am now.  I've become more of 'human' after I met her. I listened to everything she told me to do and not to do. That made me a better person" after he was asked "What do you think made you who you are now?".

He continued with "She told me to do things like wash my hands before a meal, brush my teeth before bed, always wear nice and neat clothing. And don't do things like drinking too much. You should listen to what your girlfriend says at all times."

SNSD Sooyoung Jung Kyungho

SNSD's Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho started dating in 2012 and they made it public in January of 2014.  This couple is so sweet, let's wish them more love and happiness in the years to come!

Jung Kyungho Hospital Playlist

And yes, if you are watching tvN's drama 'Hospital Playlist', Jung Kyung-ho is the one playing the role of  Kim Joon-wan, an associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery. Wouldn't it be nice to see them in a drama?

While at it, we'll also take this chance to reminisce the time when Dispatch revealed their relationship.  These pictures show how much they love each other, maybe they wanted to keep it private for a bit longer but that's in the past now.  We're just thankful that they are still together and very much in love.

snsd sooyoung dating jung kyung ho (1)

snsd sooyoung dating jung kyung ho (1)

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